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Keep customers satisfied and profit goals on track with efficient, up-to-date, worry-free printing equipment. Zero Make Ready technology, automatic color registration, custom enhancements, upgrades and more boost capacity and your productivity; reduce waste, energy and labor costs; and slash equipment downtime.

Whether you have a single printing press in urgent need of attention or want to make a strategic, system-wide design change to accommodate new demand, 4E puts your company’s wellbeing foremost and achieves the results you seek to make your operation successful.

Get an edge on the printing market – anywhere in the world – and contact 4E today!

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Zero Make Ready Technology (ZMR)

Boost Productivity & Profitability!
Learn how 4E’s electrical design work benefits your company. Click here to read about Lithomax Zero Make Ready Technology and the Eagle Eye Automatic Color Registration System.

When publishers and web clients seek lower and lower cost per signature – plus shorter run lengths, minimal inventory and just-in-time production – you face dwindling press capacity as make-ready eats away profitable run time. To make matters worse, accelerating paper and ink costs further erode profitability as make ready waste increases.

Bypass these costly obstacles with 4E’s Zero Make Ready technology(1). ZMR lets you double or even triple signature production of a standard press. With ZMR, you reduce set-up time and optimize press performance by eliminating acceleration/deceleration cycles. Moreover, our clients have found that incorporating ZMR technology has helped them reduce wasted signatures to less than five copies per run.

You can optimize press efficiency, improve profitability and meet customer demand with 4E’s ZMR technology. To learn more contact 4E today.

(1) 4E developed its proprietary ZMR technology with 3P, Inc.

Register System Upgrades

Get on register fast, slash start-up waste 50-80%, and up your “green” credentials with 4E’s Eagle Eye automatic color registration. Enjoy these money and resource saving benefits as well:

  • Depending on stock and coverage, dramatic cost savings achieved can lead to payback in as little as 6 months.
  • Miniscule register marks can be buried within the image, allowing for edge-to-edge printing and/or reduction of stock width.
  • Located after the last print unit, Eagle Eye sees and corrects errors long before traditional systems. This cost savings is realized on each correction, not just initial start-up.
  • Comprised of three modular components – touch screen monitor, PLC control box and camera – Eagle Eye is compact, easy to install and simple to operate.
  • Constructed of industrial grade, commercially available parts, Eagle Eye is inexpensive and convenient to maintain. Eagle Eye also comes with a 60-day money back guarantee.

4E clients typically save tens of thousands of dollars when they incorporate Eagle Eye into their printing equipment. You can too! Reap the rewards of an Eagle Eye automatic color registration system and contact 4E today.

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Enhancements & Custom Solutions

Boost productivity and achieve your strategic goals with 4E on your team. Our innovative, customized equipment enhancements help you achieve significant overhead, resource and labor savings that strengthen your bottom line.

Plus our customized design solutions help you achieve new capabilities and enhance capacity with existing press equipment, so you meet the evolving demands of new and existing customers at a favorable return on investment.

Whatever your need contact us now for fast, reliable attention and service.

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Press Relocations, Electrical and Electronic Upgrades, Programming & Installations

Get it right the first time with cost-effective solutions that meet new printing demands and eliminate printing problems. 4E maintains a world-class staff of electrical engineers, electricians and mechanics that specialize in modifying, installing, optimizing and programming existing presses.

You can expect your revitalized press to perform as well as a new press plus:

  • Customized enhancements meet your needs and help you succeed in today’s tough competitive environment.
  • Strengthened capabilities let you offer a higher quality product at a lower price.
  • Increased capacity lets you maximize run time without having to invest in new presses.

Learn how 4E helps you make cost-effective choices that promise strong return on investment and secure your strategic goals. Contact us to schedule your on-site evaluation today.

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Integrated Water & Ink Console Systems

Improve productivity, enhance operator console control and cut wasted signatures with custom designed ink curves created for specific products. Contact 4E now for more information.

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Touch Screen Monitor Control Modifications

Maximize press operating efficiency plus ease of use when you customize console screens to compliment client-specific applications. Contact 4E to learn more.

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Programmable Logic Control (PLC) Program Changes

printing-imagebox-3Whether you need minor program changes or a complete system upgrade, improve press efficiency with PLC upgrades. Contact 4E today for more information.