2017 New London County 4-H Camp On-Line Registration Form

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Registration ongoing throughout the summer!
(Space permitting)

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General/Overnight Camp Deposit $225/Week (Full payment required with specials)

Clover & Day Camp: Deposit $100/week (Full Payment required with specials)


Email  to ask our registrar about monthly payment plans



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General & Teen Leadership Camp $529.00

(Minimum Deposit $225.00/ week)

Session 1 & 2 are $509.00

Session 1: June 25- June 30

Session 2: July 2 - July 7

Session 3: July 9-14

Session 4: July 16-21

Session 5: July 23-28

Session 6: July 30 -August 4

Session 7: Aug 6-11

Undecided: $529.00

Subtotal: $ 

Subtotal Less Discount $ 

Total Minimum Deposit $ 

Day Camp $265.00

(Minimum Deposit $100.00/ week)

Session 1:    June 26 - June 30

Session 2: July 3 - 7

Session 3 July 10-14

Session 4 July 17-21

Session 5 July 24-28

Session 6 JUly 31 - Aug 4

Session 7  Aug 7-11

Undecided Day Camp: $265.00


Subtotal $ 

Subtotal Less Discount $ 

Total Minimum Deposit $ 


Clover Camp $209.00

Clover June 22-24

Total Deposit $ 

Minimum Deposit $100

Campers that attend Clover Camp are welcome to attend session #4. Register as a General Camper upon completion of Clover Camp.




NOTE: Registrations should not be submitted online for sessions on Friday and Saturday prior to each session's beginning.  "Undecided" selections should be made/submitted to the registrar prior to June 1st to ensure the desired session is still available.

Please bring registration details on-site to the camp between 2 and 4 PM on Sunday. Please note that certain elective/optional activities may have additional financial requirements, and can be paid on registration day. The very popular 4-H Camp Photos can be requested at the time of registration for a fee.

Day Camper registration is on Sundays from 3 to 4 PM.

 Once you click on submit, you will be transferred to a secure online payment system.


The New London County 4-H Camp is not responsible for lost personal belongings, including articles of clothing. Parents are encouraged to check "Lost and Found" prior to departure of each session. Thank you for your understanding.

Note: If you do not receive an e-mail confirmation within 48 hours of sending in this form, please call our registrar at (860) 886-7476 to confirm receipt. Thank you!


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